Annie's Page

Annie was born on Oct -21-2002 to Zack and Xena. As a pup she was very bold and out going . Always out exploring the yard and at times getting into trouble.

I was contacted by Martin R. from Germany by way of Henry S. Johnson JR. We emailed back and forth about this little girl. Martin was wanting a hunting Airedale and Annie showed all the quality of such. Annie made the long trip "over the pond" and was the first of her kind . Annie is all "Redline".

Martin has kept us all over here up to date on Annie's development through written and photo's. And Martin is very proud of her as are we. And for that I am very grateful

Some of the first pictures of Annie in Germany with her playmate Maggie.

Annie meeting a German Airedale, Annie with her new cutcollar.

Martin and Annie working on some search training, on the run, at the North Sea.

The following pictures are of Annie's first hunts on Fur,Feather, and Boar

The pheasant retrieve, on a game drive, stand-by.

Annie's first boar hunt with Martin R.

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